Welcome Back

Welcome back!!!

We have a great year ahead of us. Our year of hard work and fun is about to begin. It is so important that all fourth graders practice what we work on throughout the year. We will work on various types of writing, including; informative and narrative writing. Graphic organizers will be used to help us organize our thoughts.

Our focus in reading will be on developing strategies to help when the text gets difficult. There are strategies for decoding difficult words and comprehending difficult or advanced texts. These strategies will help us read and understand text with increased fluency. Our goal this year is to build our reading muscle and develop as fluent readers. We will be using the Reader's Workshop model this year. It should be very exciting!!

As the fourth grade year begins, we will work with strategies to solve a variety of problems. We use our conceptual knowledge to make sense of the mathematical world around us. I try to offer real life challenges to the students. It is important for the challenges to be relevant to their lives. Knowledge of basic math facts help as we progress as problem solvers. We will continue using Bridges and Number Corner to help us improve as problem solvers. 

I am looking forward to a great year!! Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns. See you soon!