Homework Expectations

Fourth Grade Homework


Region #10 Board of Education Homework Policy


In order to provide continuity and growth as a student moves through the school system, the following time ranges should be regarded as general guidelines for the assignment of homework.


               Grade                                   Average Time Spent on Assignment


               K                                           15 minutes - once or twice a week

               1                                           15-20 minutes - three times a week

               2                                           20 minutes - four times a week

               3                                           30 minutes - three or four times a week

               4                                           30 minutes daily plus 30 minutes of independent reading


Homework assignments are given to reinforce and augment the lessons taught in class and provide exercises in the development of responsibility and of good work and study habits.  These assignments allow for research, individual projects and strengthening of essential skills.  They are intended to enhance the student’s knowledge in various subject areas.  Teachers may assign missing work as homework in addition to planned assignments.  If you are looking for a constructive use of time at home as a supplement to homework, we urge you to encourage pleasure reading.  A sustained period of reading from 10-45 minutes daily, depending on age and readiness, is beneficial to every child.  Parents do their part to support homework when they:


1.      Provide their children with suitable study conditions (desk, light, books, supplies), reserve time for homework, silence the telephone, turn off the television and turn away visitors;

2.      Encourage their children but avoid undue pressure;

3.      Show interest in what their children are doing but do not do their work for them;

4.      Understand the school expectations regarding homework.