Things To Remember

Some Things To Remember

First grade will be a wonderful learning experience for your child. It is an important year for academic development. On a typical day, we will spend our mornings doing language arts activities. Our reading instruction is individualized and based on the specific needs of your child. In the afternoon, students will participate in math activities. Our math program is hands-on with high student involvement based on the concept of computational fluency. Science, social studies, and health are integrated throughout the day.

First grade is also an important year for the social development of your child. This is a time for students to learn to listen to directions, take turns with classmates, care for their materials, and make good choices. Throughout the day, students will work independently as well as cooperatively in groups.

Snacks and Lunch:

I will provide time for a snack each morning. Beginning on the first day of school, you may provide you child with a daily nutritious snack, e.g., a piece of fruit, vegetable sticks, cheese, granola bars, etc. Our morning snack will be eaten while we are working, so the easier it can be eaten, the better. (Fruit cups with syrup are often messy; I would like to discourage them.) You might find it helpful to send your child’s snack in a separate labeled bag or container since we will remove snacks from the backpacks each morning. Please do not send in a juice drink/milk for snack time. However, water bottles with secure lids are just fine. 

 ** You may prepay your child’s lunches. This has saved a lot of time looking for lost lunch money. 


First Graders are asked to wear a bus tag (provided by teacher) for the first few weeks of school until they are familiar with dismissal procedures. If your child is planning to be dismissed early from school, I need a note sent in that day with details of the variation. Please place the note in you child’s “Communication” folder. Thank you in advance for your cooperation.


In First Grade, twenty minutes of nightly reading is required and will help to build self-confidence and fluency. Math and Fundations homework will be provided on a flexible, as-needed basis. 

**I will provide your child with a “Communication/Home-School” folder for homework and important notes. (Your child may use a special folder as long as it has his/her name on it and is the same size as the one I provided.) He/she should bring it to school everyday so I may check it, and I will send it home again in the afternoon.**


Personal Belongings:

Please label all of your child’s belongings with his/her first and last name. This should include backpacks, lunchboxes, hats, etc. This will help eliminate many misplaced items.