Homework Expectations

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Third Grade Homework:

Building Routines to Create Responsibility and Independence


Third graders at Harwinton Consolidated School will be receiving homework each night.  Homework will typically consist of nightly reading, filling out a reading log, and math sheets to supplement the previous week’s lessons. 


Third graders are learning how to manage time and become more responsible and independent. Teachers are responsible for assisting with this process.  In order to make homework manageable for you and your child, I will be modeling expectations for organization of materials and clarifying expectations for homework completion.  Each day I will write assignments on the board, monitoring that students are copying this information into their agenda.  I will also be sure that students have gathered all materials necessary for completing the night’s work. 


Students are required to do their best on their homework. All assignments should be completed neatly. Math papers should show all student work.  Correct spelling and grammar are also expected, along with the student’s name and date of assignment. Students should try to do the homework on their own and ask for parent help only after they have given it their best effort. 


Parents play a key role in making homework a positive experience for their children. Two ways to assist your child in building this routine would be to provide a quiet homework environment and set aside a daily homework time.  Do not feel that you need to teach your child content in order to complete homework.  If your child is unable to complete his/her homework, or has had difficulty with the assignment, attach a note to the work, write a note in the agenda, or email me directly with your concern.  Your continuous support and encouragement will help your child realize the importance of his/her homework responsibilities.


Please have a conversation with your child regarding his/her responsibilities for homework completion and discuss your role in helping your child be successful.


I am looking forward to working with you and your child this year, and I hope that we can work together to create routines that will follow your child throughout their school career.