Student Council

student councilStudent Council Guidelines and Information: 

Student Council voting will be done on Election Day. This voting will be done in the computer lab electronically. Posters are allowed in the classroom as per teacher’s discretion. Posters and speeches have to be truthful, accurate, and follow the intent of student council in terms of student betterment. In other words they can’t make promises that can’t be kept. 

The intent is for students to emphasize character traits and behaviors that would make them a good choice to represent the school, grade level and classroom. 

They should be no larger than standard poster board.

All campaign material should be student generated and students are responsible for any clean up that is required after the elections. Please do not plan to pass out buttons, stickers, pencils, candy, etc. to advertise or gain votes. This is not fair and equitable for all the students running and will be be allowed.

Fourth grade students will be presenting their speeches to the grade level on Election Day in the morning, followed by the casting of ballots before lunch. Candidates should have their speeches prepared in advance and approved by their teacher or a Student Council Advisor. Posters can be used during speeches.

Fourth Grade Class Representative and Third Grade Class Representative elections will be held in the afternoon at a time the classroom teacher deems appropriate. The classroom teachers will facilitate this procedure. 

Student council generally meets twice a month before school beginning at 8:15. Specific dates and times will be communicated to the to the elected candidates. Transportation to school on the meeting day is the responsibilty of the student.
student council