Computer Literacy

Computer Keyboarding



Practice your mouse skills:

 Mouse Practice Games




Try some fun typing lessons and games

TypeTastic! - Tell me more

TypeTastic K-4

Computer Science Introduction 

Hour of Code 2022!  


 Make your own Kodable mazes | Hour of Code | Kodable - Programming for Kids

Kodable: Kindergarten - Grade 1


Dragon Blast: Grades 1 and up


Scratch: Grade 2-4

Poem Art: Grade 2 and up



Code: Dance Party: Grades 2-4

Minecraft: Grades 2 - 4


Learn how to code a Chatbot
of a famous computer scientist!

Grade 4

Course C 2022 for Grades 3 and 4


Express Course for Grades 1 , 2 and 3

Learn how to be a good digital citizen

Play Digital Passport



Makey Makey Getting Started

Makey Makey Apps for Musical Instruments