Please check your child’s homework folder for nightly work and any notes I may write on it. I assign the week’s homework on Monday (or the beginning of the school week).

Fourth Grade teachers also require fourth grade students to read 5 nights a week as much as humanly possible. Many read for about 30 minutes a session. If you can read more one night than another, please do. The more a person reads, the better that person will be in all other subjects.
Please check your child's homework folder nightly to make sure their homework assignment is complete. Once it is complete please have your child put the homework back in his/her folder and into his/her backpack.

Usually two pages from their Bridges Home Connections is assigned at the beginning of the week. One is to be handed in on Thursday and the other on Friday. If your child finishes early please have them hand it in early. If your child is having trouble have them come to class to let me know (you can write a note on it) and I will work on it at school with your child. Homework is a reinforcement of the lessons so if your child doesn't understand it please let me know so I can reteach the concepts. 

The website below has many fun links. There are even links that may help answer some questions you have on some of the homework or on classwork. 
Check out some of the below links once you get on the site....
About The Problem SiteThe Problem Site is a special problem solving site for both students and adults, from the creator of Fifteen Minutes Of FictionAmateur HikersArticles For Educators and Quote Puzzler

Math Facts are very important in fourth grade. Students need to memorize their addition, subtraction and multiplication facts. If students practice just five minutes each day they will master them quicker. Addition and subtraction should already be mastered. If not they will need to master them as well. It makes each unit easier for your child to learn. Visit K-8 math site on the Region 10 website for many sites and ideas. Below are just some sites.