General Overview

This year our class is made up 18 students. We will be learning about fascinating topics. In science we will cover landscapes, weather and the process of creating an invention through the Connecticut Invention Convention. Our Social Studies curriculum focuses on regions of the United States. Students will study each region and research an interest within each region. In language arts we will read and discuss many great books using a Reader's Workshop method. This year, 6 units will be taught. Learning progression will help your child to comprehend what he/she reads so that a deeper conversation can happen. We will write creative stories, and essays. Narrative, personal narrative, opinion as well as expository pieces will be taught and written. Students will write research papers throughout the year. Health will be taught all year long focusing on our School-Wide Expectations. The biggest one is RESPECT for themselves and others. In Math students will be adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing. Get ready to help your child master these facts this year. Practicing multiplication fasts just 5 minutes a night at home will make a HUGE difference in each unit that will be taught this year.