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AccessingPowerTeacher for Printing Reports

Youcan log into PowerTeacher from any computer that has Internet access. The URLis the same at home or at school:


Alog in screen will appear bookmark this site for future use.

Log In
Logon using your PowerTeacher username and password.

Note:(Username is your last name and first initial, no spaces) Any questions orproblems logging in, contact Bob Gauvain, Leigh Pont or your building techperson.

Yourcurrent class menu will appear:

Printer Icon
Click on the icon of the printer

The“Print Class Reports” menu willappear.

Choosea report from the drop down menu. For report cards choose the appropriatereport card for your grade level, for example Elementary Report Card 3-4.

Thiswill automatically select all of your students. Click “Submit”

The“Report Queue” appears.

Click the “Refresh” button until “CompletedView” appears on the right.

Report Queue

Click on “View” and Adobe Reader or Preview will open automatically or the actual report will be displayed with your browser.

From there you can print out your reports. To print individual student reports or a range of students select the page in the document file, and print Current Page option or select desired page numbers with the From: and to: option.

Current Page
Contact Bob Gauvain, Leigh Pont or your building tech person if you have any questions.

Using Powergrade to Enter Comments

PowerSchool GradeBook

Add Final Grade Comments

Begin by logging into PowerSchool just as if youwere going to run a report or take attendance.

Launch the Gradebook. This may take several minutes.


Select the correct Year and Term or Semester.

Select Final Grade Entry

When entering a final grade comment, you can use plain text only which can be cut and paste from a word-processed document. The character limit is approximately 250 characters.

Note: Comment length is defined by yourPowerSchool administrator and may be limited to a certain number of characters(250), which may not be exceeded.

How to Add a Final Grade Comment

1.Select a class from the Classes pane.

2.Click the Scoresheet tab, then click Final Grades mode. The Scoresheet Final Grades window appears.

3.Click the final grade field of the student for which you want to enter a final grade comment.

4.Do one of the following:

From the gradebook menu bar, choose Tools >Score Inspector.

Double Click in the comment section for each student.

If using a two-button mouse, right-click and select Score Inspector.

The Final Grade Score Inspector dialog displays the final grade details.

5.Manually enter final grade comments in the Comment field. Smart Text fields can be manually entered, or copied and pasted from a separate file, if needed.

6.Click Comment Bank to select one or more predefined comments. Smart Text options display the appropriate information once selected. For more information on Smart Text, see Add Comments to the Personal Comment Bank.

7.To filter comments that display in the Comment Bank:

Select a filter option from the Show Comments pop-up menu. 
Note: Click the star in the Favorites column next to a District comment to add it to the My Comment Bank filter.

Enter text in the Find field, and the Comment Bank is automatically filtered by the text you entered. Use spaces and/or commas to separate the values to further define the filter. The filter criteria searches data in the Code, Comment, and Category columns.

8.Use the Previous and Next arrows to add comments for each student, if applicable.

9.Click Save on theScoresheet window. A blue circular “C” appears within the selected student final grade field.

Add Comments to the Personal Comment Bank

Add comments to the Personal Comment Bank that will be available when assigning scores and comments to assignments and final grades. You can also edit and delete previously entered comments.

Smart Text options allow you to add names or pronouns to the context of the comment. These options allow you to personalize general comments by student. For example, <first name> listens well inclass. <He/She> participates in class discussions will display as Kate listens well in class. She participates in class discussions.

How to Add Comments to the Personal Comment Bank

1. On the PowerTeacher Gradebook menu, selectPreferences. The Preferences dialog appears.

2. Click the Comment Bank tab.

3. Click Add to add a new comment. The Create a New Teacher Comment dialog appears.

4. Enter a comment Code and Category.

5. In the Comment field, enter the text of the comment. Select a Smart Text option from the pop-up menu to insert a name or pronoun into the context of the comment. Alternately, you can right-click in the Comment text area to display the Smart Text options.
 Note: Name options are case-insensitive. Pronoun options are case-sensitive.

6. Click OK. The changes or additions appear inthe Comment Bank on the Score or Comment Inspectors.

7. To modify a comment, select a comment from the list and click Edit.

To remove a comment, select a comment from the list and click Delete. A confirmation dialog appears. Select Yes to delete the comment.