Catherine McIntire

Welcome to Mrs. McIntire's 2nd Grade Class!!

Blackboard With Letters.png

The new school year is quickly approaching and I'm so excited to meet my new second graders!  I've posted a couple things about our classroom below.  Feel free to email me with any questions! 

Here are just a few things we will be working on this year.......

- Adding and subtracting up to 20 and 100
- Time, money, and measurement
- Reading stamina and strategies
- Discussing books with peers 
- Generating small moment ideas for writing
- Organizing and adding detail to writing
- Maps and communities
- States of Matter and Engineering
- Cursive 

......and SO MUCH more!! 

~ Please send your child to school with a dry working snack each day.
 Examples include crackers, apples, cheese sticks, rice cakes, etc.  Water bottles are ok to bring in and will be kept on the back counter of the classroom to avoid spills during the day.  Please label any water bottles with your child's name.


~ The school will be providing all necessary classroom materials, so there is no need to purchase a thing! However, if your child would like to bring in a special take-home folder, pencil case, or anything like that, it's perfectly fine with me! Please label any materials with your child's name.