The Husky Hustle

The Husky Hustle
Posted on 09/22/2018

What a fantastic turn-out at the Husky Hustle! It was great watching the students dancing, playing the carnival games, and participating in the Fun Run & Color Run! 


Thank you to Lindsay and Brian Paganini, the Co-Chairs of the Husky Hustle Committee, they did a tremendous job orchestrating the event!  I also want to recognize the generous contributions of the committee members - Sherry Androw, Mandy Bosco, Jenny Braddock, Barbara Hadley, Caitlin Hyson, Julie Kalinowski, Heather Mathes, Shannon Stannard and Heather Stull – their contributions were invaluable

Thank you to the “village” of volunteers and contributors that came together to support the Husky Hustle – parents/guardians and their extended family members, HCS staff members, and Har-Bur Middle School students!

I am grateful for everyone’s support.

Megan Mazzei