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"Indeed, there is an eloquence in true enthusiasm that is not to be doubted."
-Washington Irving


The fall season is here and great things are happening in our classroom! 

We have:
-started working with many multiplication concepts
-worked with comprehension concepts in fiction
-drafted true stories in writing
-discussed geography and the first people of Connecticut
-started to discuss motion and design in Science



One cool thing that our class is doing this month is participating in Socktober! In our classroom, we have collection boxes in which students have donated new socks, winter hats/gloves, hygiene products, and lightly used clothing. We have discussed the importance of making positive impacts not only in our school, but in our community as well. Once the month ends, the items will be donated to local organizations that will disperse the items to those in need. 



Our class has also been working on our classroom football challenge. All students are broken into teams that focus on our school-wide Husky High 5 traits in order to earn points in a playoff. All teams are off to a great start and I am so proud of all the great team work I've seen in our classroom.

I am adding links to some of the songs we have listened to in class and am in the process of creating new photo albums with some more pictures of the great work students have been doing in class. Check back soon!

-Mr. Pirotta