Mr. Pirotta's Class

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Fall is here and Mr. Pirotta's class is hard at work in all of our subjects. 


In math, we have just finished two-digit adding and subtracting strategies. We are now moving on to understanding multiplication and using different strategies to solve multiplication problems and equations. 

Students have been learning about the geography of Connecticut and have even had an introduction to the first people of Connecticut. In early October, we were able to visit the Institute for American Indian Studies and learn a lot about the first people of our state.

Our class is also starting to think about strong opinions that we have and draft pieces of writing that give reasons for our opinions. Students have worked hard to draft and publish narrative writing. If you get a chance, check out our fall narrative writing on our class bulletin board!


We have also just started our mystery reading unit. Students were able to investigate a "crime scene" in the classroom and are working on discovering and analyzing clues in their reading. 

Conferences are coming soon. Stay tuned for information on how to sign up. I look forward to talking with everyone soon. As always, feel free to contact me with any questions! 

-Mr. Pirotta