Elizabeth Genest

March 27-31st is the HCS health promotion week and we have a lot of exciting activities planned, they will begin at 8:15 in the gym so come to the back doors.

Monday - Karate
Tuesday - Bring Your Own Breakfast
Wednesday - Yoga
Thursday - Walk Through the School
Friday - Zumba

The jump rope for heart order has been placed so if you are waiting on any additional thank you gifts they should be here in the next week or so!

Wellness Mission Statement:

Region 10 Wellness provides a multitude of successful and meaningful movement experiences while fostering a physically and emotionally safe environment. These opportunities will prepare students to lead and maintain a healthy and active lifestyle.

This year we will be covering a variety of units during our PE classes at HCS, below are some units we have covered and are planning to cover during the 2016-2017 year:

Invasion Sports
Adventure PE
Lifetime Activities

‚ÄčLocomotor Movements
Movement Patterns
Throwing and Catching
Hula Hoops
Jump Ropes
Adventure PE
Lifetime Activities

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Below is a link to the Responsible Behavior Rubric which we use through out the year to grade individual student behavior.
Responsible Behavior elementary.docx

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If you have any used sneakers that are in good condition bring them in so we can have them for any students who forget to wear sneakers.  Image result for pe quotes

HCS Wellness:

Our goal in the wellness department is to teach our students how to lead healthy and active lives both in school and outside of school.  We teach everything from traditional invasion sports (basketball, soccer, floor hockey) to lifetime activities such as cupstacking, yoga, fitness and dance.  We teach students how to control their bodies while performing locomotor movements such as hopping, skipping, jumping, galloping and sliding.  

In our health classes we focus on nutrition, body systems such as circulation, digestion and more.  We teach our students how to take care of their bodies and minds.